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Powering Milkman 2.0 model of food delivery

Pioneering the future of food delivery

Our technology drives profitable food delivery for operators and a unique online ordering experience for consumers.

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Loop OS

Launch your multi-brand delivery experience

LoopOS allows operators to create their own digital food court and fulfill multi-brand orders effortlessly.

Increase profitability for food delivery

From native online ordering to batched deliveries with our network of partners and everything in between, we're working to create a new, more efficient delivery model.

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Loop Foods

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Make food delivery your amenity

Loop Foods pairs up with your city's best health food restaurants to provide free lunch delivery, straight to your home, office and buildings.

Bring your employees, residents or tenants a new way to order food delivery. With multiple restaurants in a single order, no minimum order and free delivery.

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We currently work with:

  • Ghost Kitchens

  • Restaurateurs

  • Food Halls

  • Hospitality Groups

  • Virtual Brand Operators

  • Catering Companies

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We currently work with:

  • Landlords

  • Companies

  • Residential Buildings

  • PropTech

  • Office Managers

  • Real Estate Developers

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