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Digital food court, powered by LoopOS.

Everyone can finally get what they want without compromising.

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Loop Foods powers a digital food court amenity for offices, residential buildings, and hungry people who simply can‘t decide what to eat. With a variety of brands to order from, everyone can finally get what they want without compromising.

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More options, superior service, happier customers

Many Restaurants, One Delivery

Our menu features affordable and healthy meals made with local ingredients from scratch daily. You can mix-and-match menu items across restaurants and receive their food in one delivery drop.

A New Approach For New Times

Our modern milkman technology enables one courier to transport multiple orders in a one route. Reducing courier traffic by 90%.

Custom Experience For your Building

Our team will curate a tailored menu, customize preferred delivery times, and a dedicated agent for your building. We will create a customized food delivery amenity that works for your building.


Power your food program

For Landlords

Unique tenant experience with digital food court offering multiple restaurants in a single delivery for free.

Featuring top restaurants around your community so tenants don't have to compromise on F&B options.

Reduce elevator usage from tenants and residents retrieving food delivery.

Reduce lobby traffic with our direct-to-customer deliveries.

For Office Managers

Order from multiple restaurants at once through a digital food court.

Create an employee F&B program by providing affordable and healthy food options with subsidized meals.

Food delivered to the office to limit employee use of elevators.

Deliveries are handled with health & safety as the highest priority.

For Residential Buildings

Options for the whole family! Order from multiple restaurants, pay together, and receive one delivery.

A hassle free food amenity to feed your whole building.

Limit residents leaving the building with direct-to-home deliveries.

Hidden service fees no longer: our deliveries take out the stacked fees and keep it simple.

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